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Priority A1!


Finally some updates. Finished reviewing the excellent Secret Warriors series. Also added a few older stories where Fury is a guest-star, one a Punisher story and the other with Silver Sable.


The first of a few interview for the year, this one with writer/editor/colorist Gregory Wright talking about his days on Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD.


First interview of the year, with writer Scott Lobdell talking about his days on Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD.


Getting back into the reviews finally, catching up with Battle Scars and updating a few appearences on the agents page..


New year, new interview. Check out our latest with Ernie Stiner talking about his days as penciller on Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD.



Seems like the updates are becoming yearly lately, with them happening around the same time every summer. Florida Supercon has become a great opportunity for interviews for the site, and this year I was lucky enough to talk to actor Gary Chalk, who played 'Dum Dum' Dugan in the FOX tv movie, Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD.


Finally adding some new material to the website. Added two new interviews from Florida Supercon. My thanks to brother Sergio of Doomgate for filming and helping with the interview.

I also added a new section on the Marvel Cinematic Nick Fury, aka Samuel Jackson

Also added a review for Avengers 1959 to the OSS/CIA section

Look for more updates soon on Battle Scars, and finishing up the reviews for Secret Warriors.


Long update. Finally posted my interview with Jim Starlin on writing Marvel Spotlight #31. You can check it out be clicking below. A huge thanks to Mr. Starlin for sharing his stories on this issue with us during his convention appearance in Miami. Also a very grateful thanks to Jose Dos Santos and Gemma Laudicina for filming the interview.



Secret Warriors section is updated with reviews for issues #7 and 8. More to come soon.


Secret Warriors is now being added to the site.


Updates to various agent bio pages, mainly related to new appearances, including Maria Hill and Eric Koenig (whom I have finally placed in the SHIELD agents page). Updated the helicarrier page with a new gallery. Finally beginning to update the site to reflect recent events like Secret Invasion.



Former SHIELD scribe D.G. Chichester has posted on his blog the cyber comic Jungle Warfare. Click below to check out Fury's Flash-animation debut as well as other cyber comics from Marvel Comic's old site.


Also, as Yahoo prepares to close down Geocities, I have opened a Facebook page to possibly move this site there as a back up. Check us out there as well.


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The Unofficial Home Page of Nick Fury's Facebook Page
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First images of Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury in the second Iron Man film. Click here.



Nick Fury film on DVD at last. Possible Nick Fury toys on the horizon?
Info from MTV Splash Page and Comic Book Resources, 3/18/08

The Nick Fury telemovie broadcast on FOX in 1998 starring David Hasselhoff was released from 20th Century Fox as a Best Buy DVD exclusive. The disc is regularly priced at $16.99. The DVD includes two trailers for the Fury tv movie, including one that features Fury from the 1990s Spiderman and Iron Man animated series. Click on the Best Buy logo for more information.


Also Hasbro's Marvel toys webpage now features a section entitled Fury's Files with an animated trailer that seems to combine events of Secret Invasion and Civil War. The page features Fury and SHIELD prominently and Fury's 'voice' cuts in on the animated trailer near the end. Although the toys at present feature the traditional Marvel heroes (Spiderman, Ironman, Silver Surfer, etc), its possible a Nick Fury figure is on the horizon. Click on the icon below to see.



No Nick Fury in Iron Man film.
Info from Dark Horizons and Comic Book Resources, 3/18/08

At the Wizard World convention in Los Angeles, the Mega Movie panel (including Ricky Purdin of Wizard Magazine and Adam Tracy of Toyfare Magazine) let it be known that the Nick Fury cameo filmed for Iron Man was out of the film. Robert Downey Jr. has filmed a scene for the Incredible Hulk movie playing Tony Stark, making a link between both Marvel summer 2008 films.

The Iron Man novelization doesn't feature Nick Fury at all, however it does include an 'Agent Phil Coulson' (played by Clark Gregg) who is identified as an agent of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistic Division.



Samuel Jackson IS Nick Fury!
Info from Dark Horizons & MTV, 24-July-2007

Dark Horizons reported on a story from MTV's movie news site that Samuel L. Jackson is indeed playing Nick Fury in the forthcoming Iron Man film. MTV reports that after an initial refusal to give an answer to the question; "'Clearly a bit frustrated, [Avi Arad] Arad then amended himself. “The Sam thing was supposed to be the biggest secret of them all,” he shrugged. “It’s amazing how it got out'.” Although not directly quoted on this point, MTV reports that the Iron Man film will set up the Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD film. In addition the MTV story speculates that the other announced cast member to join the film, Hilary Swank might also be bound for the Nick Fury/SHIELD film.

No word has been posted on Iron Man director Jon Faverau's Myspace page regarding the news, however speculation on the boards are that Hilary Swank will be playing the Black Widow, a character with ties to both Tony Stark and Nick Fury.

Alternately, IMDB lists Fred Ward as 'in talks' to play Fury in the Nick Fury film AND Samuel Jackson in thier cast list for the Iron Man film.



Updates to various agent bio pages, mainly releated to new appearences, including Dum Dum Dugan, Maria Hill, and finally Nick Fury!


Nick Fury in Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin and possibly Iron Man film.
Info from Dark Horizons & Newsarama, 22-June-2007

Dark Horizons and Ain't It Cool News are reporting that Samuel L. Jackson is set to film scenes in the next few days as Nick Fury. No word has been posted on Iron Man director Jon Faverau's Myspace page for the movie.

If this turns out to be true then it would follow the model employed by Marvel with the Daredevil film setting up for the Elektra spinoff and this summer's Fantstic Four sequel setting up the Silver Surfer for his own solo film.

My own personal reaction to this news if it is true is disapointment. I was hoping that the version of Nick Fury that would hit the screen would be closer to the Stan Lee/Steranko version rather then the Ultimate universe version. However Jackson being cast as Fury may not exclude the use of the original Marvel Universe continuity for his character, so there is hope.

On a much more sure note; scribe Joe Casey stated in a recent interview on Newsarama that a pre-SHIELD Nick Fury would be appearing in his upcoming miniseries Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin, premiering in September.


Nick Fury Marvel Masterworks announced.
Info from Newsarama, 18-June-2007

From Marvel's September solicit, posted on Newsarama:

Having revolutionized everything from war to Westerns to good ol’ super heroes, in 1965 Stan Lee and Jack Kirby set their sights on the spy game. With Cold War covert ops snagging headlines and James Bond topping the box office, Marvel’s greatest minds unveiled a whole new wild world upon the comic book faithful. So break out your Priority A-1 Clearance, and get ready to dive into the world of Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Featuring more amazing gadgets and world-dominating baddies than you can shake a Heli-Carrier at, this Masterworks collects, for the first time ever, the complete early S.H.I.E.L.D. extravaganzas. With guest stars including Tony Stark, Captain America, and Nick’s trusty team of Dum Dum Dugan, Gabriel Jones, and Jasper Sitwell, not to mention the Marvel debut of comics visionary, Jim Steranko, this book is truly a watershed of Silver Age wonder! You know it. We’re not going to hold you back, so say it loud, say it proud, "Don’t yield, back S.H.I.E.L.D.!" Collecting STRANGE TALES #135-153, TALES OF SUSPENSE #78 and FANTASTIC FOUR #21.
288 PGS./All Ages …$54.99
ISBN: 978-0-7851-2686-7


Fury's schedule for the next '18 months'
Info from Newsarama, 17-March-2007

From Newsarama's coverage of Marvel Comic's Civil War panel in Los Angeles comes the following quote from Tom Brevoort; " the next 18 months, you'll see him [Nick Fury] popping up in the two Avengers titles, and other places.' Brevoort also mentioned that She-Hulk #17 will be somehow Nick Fury-significant."


Dum Dum Does it the Hard Way Again
Info from Newsarama, 09-March-2007

Due to solicits that mentioned the death of a beloved Marvel character, the rather brutal stabbing of Dum Dum Dugan was assumed fatal, however proved a continuity headache. A reader question from 'The Guvnor' regarding Dugan's appearence in Iron-Man #15 yielded the following response from the Marvel EIC, "Yes, The Guvnor, Dum-Dum was stabbed in Wolverine: Origins but not killed."


Will Nick Fury Ever Return, and When He Does, Will He Smoke?
Info from Newsarama, 25-Feburary-2007

During the Cup O' Joe panel at the 07 New York City Comic Convention, the winner of the 'EIC for a Day' announced that "he had made the decision during his day at Marvel, that smoking is back, and Nick Fury will be back smoking again in Marvel Comics". Also the question of Nick Fury's proper return to SHIELD was posed and the answers from Quesada were "Maybe...Tony Stark's in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D. now, so just keep reading." Mention was made of the fact that Fury had already appeared in the pages of Captain America. Also there was a positive reaction to a sequel to Agents of Atlas starring Jimmy Woo..


A few behind the scenes updates, nothing major. Updates to various agent bio pages including Dum Dum Dugan, Maria Hill, Daisy Johnson, and Jimmy Woo.



Two SHIELD-heavy titles on the horizon
Info from Newsarama, 26-April-2006

SHIELD fans can look forward to two major titles to feature the Marvel spy agency following this summer's Civil War event crossover. Noted Nick Fury enthusiast Brian Micheal Bendis at the 2006 Pittsburgh Comicon characterized the upcoming Spider-Woman monthly as "as close to a SHIELD ongoing as you’ll get, as far as it’s actually like a spy book more than it is a superhero book". Bendis went on to say "It guest-stars Ronin, Black Widow and Nick Fury. It’s got a real SHIELD cast of characters". Meanwhile, Robert Kirkman's new Ant-Man series is set around two SHIELD agents and the first story arc is set aboard the helicarrier, which Kirkman describes as "this floating city with hundreds, if not thousands of people living on it....I mean that has got to be the craziest place in the world to live and work. So yeah, this is going to be at the heart of the Marvel Universe and we're going to be seeing a lot of familiar faces.”.


What does Joe Q really think of Nick Fury?
Info from Newsarama, 14-April-2006

Marvel EIC Joe Quesada was asked to assess some second-tier Marvel characters on Newsarama's popular JoeQ Fridays column; and among those he commented on was Nick Fury. "Nick is best when juxtaposed against the super or the extraordinary, that’s why he works best when he’s standing next to Cap, Iron Man, or the Avengers", the Marvel EIC stated, going on to say that he thought that SHIELD had only really worked on its own during its 60s run under the pen of Steranko. When asked what it would need to work today, Quesada answered, "It would need an A-list creative team and something that makes it work with today’s audience. You have to look at something like the Bourne Identity as a roll model"; however he cautioned that radically changing SHIELD may "damage what is arguably one of the best supporting characters in the Marvel Universe".

What is interesting to note is the ease with which Quesada juxtaposes SHIELD with Nick Fury as if it were one and the same. The question clearly asked of the editor is of Nick Fury's viability, not SHIELD. For the complete Q&A, check out Newsarama.


No Civil War for Nick Fury!
Info from Newsarama, 08-April-2006 & Wizard #174 May 2006

Despite hints in New Avengers of possibly playing an exciting role in the forthcoming Marvel crossover, Marvel EIC Joe Quesada catagorically stated "No" to the fan question " Will Nick Fury be in Civil War?". Quesada followed with "but like all things Fury, his presence will be felt." With the possible return of Secret War's Daisy Johnson in the next issue of New Avengers and Wizard #175's listing of Nick Fury as one of four candidates to be arrested during the event, the editor's comments on Newsarama's popular JoeQ Fridays column come as a substantial letdown to Fury fans.


Special Nick Fury What-If Special planned for later in the year.
Info from Scorpio, 01-April-2006

Exclusive to this site; here is an advance solictation for a special themed What-If special starring Nick Fury and Dum Dum Dugan set in post-WWII New York City, by current Captain America scribe Ed Brubaker.

Written by ED BRUBAKER

Welcome to Hell's Kitchen, 1955. Nick Fury is the toughest meanest private detective in town. But when his brother Jake is found murdered, and the trail leads him to New York's biggest crime boss, Silvermane, is this WW2 veteran in over his head?

**Disclaimer--This is an April Fool's Day update, so disregard folks.



First update for the year, added a new section to the Nick Fury History page, to reflect current goings-on such as Secret War and the forthcoming Civil War; including summary and reviews for Secret War and appearences in Captain America and Hulk


Sgt Fury in Captain America Special.
Info from Newsarama, 09-Mar-2006

WWII era Nick Fury will be seen twice in March, in the pages of the Fury Peacemaker miniseries and the Captain America 65th Anniversary Special, "in an untold tale from the war -- a story that finds Cap and Bucky fighting alongside Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos behind enemy lines, trying to stop the Red Skull from launching a monstrous attack on the Allies".



Nick Fury hardcovers set for release in Febuary.
Info from Newsarama, 16-Nov-2005

MARVEL MASTERWORKS: SGT. FURY VOL. 1, reprinting Sgt Fury & his Howling Commandos #1-13 and the Secret War hardcover, collecting issues #1-5 and the special, SECRET WAR: FROM THE FILES OF NICK FURY goes on sale in Febuary, 2006, making the second month of the year a big month for Nick Fury fans. Also scheduled to hit the racks in Feb. is Garth Ennis' Nick Fury, Peacemaker miniseries.


11-2-05 - Added a mention of Nick Fury's Howling Commandos on the site. I'm waiting till the series is over to include a write up on the site.

In offsite news, check out a ton of new Nick Fury images and icons at

Also be sure to check out the ultimate Nick Fury checklist at Iconian Fonts

10-25-05 - Still having trouble with maintaing parts of the site up but the Media section is back online.

Nick Fury, Peacekeeper details announced.
Info from Newsarama, 21-Oct-2005

Joe Quesada released details on his Joe Fridays column at Newsarama regarding the forthcoming Nick Fury, Peacekeeper announced last year; "Darick [Robertson]and Garth [Ennis] will be working on a Nick Fury mini series for Marvel Knights entitled Peacekeeper...It’s a classic World War II story involving Nick during his younger, crazier days, also from Marvel Knights in February. It takes place before the Howling Commandoes, of course before S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s about the events that made Fury into the man/soldier/warrior he was to become. It’s some incredibly powerful stuff"

9-14-05 - Updated with summaries & reviews for Marvel Comics Present #171, 173, 174 and a few Fury appearences here and there (I should now have comments for all of Nick Fury's appearences in American Hulk comics).

Sgt. Fury Masterworks Coming Soon, No R-Rating for Nick Fury Film.
Info from Comic Book Resources, 11-Sept-2005

Marvel editor Tom Bevoort on a chat moderated by Brian Cronin answered two questions regarding Marvel publishing reprints of Sgt Fury & His Howling Commandos either in the Essential or Masterwork line with, "My copies of the first 13 issues are in the offices now for reference"; "You'll get a Masterworks edition for certain, and possibly an Essential sometime after that, but no promises."

Info from Newsarama

The announcement from Marvel of thier name change to Marvel Entertainment yielded the following regarding the ratings of their inital movies to be released through Paramount; "As previously reported, the Marvel-produced film slate includes up to 10 movies, based on characters that include Captain America, Nick Fury and The Avengers, with the first theatrical release expected for summer 2008....The ten Marvel characters in the arrangement are Captain America, The Avengers, Nick Fury, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Cloak & Dagger, Dr. Strange, Hawkeye, Power Pack, and Shang-Chi. Each film is expected to have a budget of up to $165 million dollars and a rating no more restrictive than PG-13. Although the financing allows for the production of animated films, Marvel currently intends to use the financing to make only live-action films."


Willis chances for playing Nick Fury getting narrower?
Info from Dark Horizons, Mon, 22-Aug-2005

Dark Horizons reported today that "Bruce Willis has been cast opposite Halle Berry in the James Foley-directed psychological thriller "Perfect Stranger" for Revolution Studios ...Willis is currently in pre-production on "Die Hard 4" for Fox and recently dropped out of New Line crime drama "Solace," which had been set to start production this summer. Shooting on 'Stranger' beings early 2006. With the Nick Fury film set tentatively for 2007 and presumably targeted for a summer release, it seems that if Willis is to play Fury, he would have an opening in mid to late 2006 for the film.

8-22-05 - Check out new bios for the Howlers at the Sgt Fury section and a write up at last for Wolverine #26-31 and X-Men #35. Also be sure to check out the latest survey going at SHIELD HQ. Look for updates to the helicarrier page in light of the events in Wolverine.

What to look forward to for Nick Fury from Brain Michael Bendis
Info from Newsarama and Comic Book Resources, Fri, 6-Aug-2005

Newsarama reports from the Brain Michael Bendis panel at the Chicago Con, "official confirmation of a couple of Spider-Woman projects, including Spider-Woman: be followed by a new, ongoing Spider-Woman series solo-written by Bendis with art by his Daredevil partner Alex Maleev... the latter project will be very much a “darker, sexier, spy” type book, playing to Maleev’s strengths and frequently guest-starring Nick Fury". Also reported from the same panel, "Bendis said he wants to do a major Nick Fury project with Sternanko. Bendis also said he received an email from Steranko recently and Bendis said he thinks it’s getting close to the two of them doing the project."

More on the Spiderwoman ongoing series from CBR, "Joe Quesada approached me [Bendis] and said, "Listen, the time is now on Jessica. We need to get a book going with her." As I began working with her in "Avengers," I started to think, "Man, I really love this and I want to see more SHIELD stuff." Originally, the plan for [“Daredevil” artist] Alex Maleev & I secretly was to do a SHIELD book. It was almost, to an obvious degree, what we were going to do next...The ongoing series will be a SHIELD book, a spy-thriller. Much like "Daredevil" was a pulp book to a super hero book, "Spider-Woman" will be a spy book to a super hero book. You'll get her more super hero adventures in "New Avengers," while in her own title you'll be getting dark, sexy, spy stuff."

When asked about forthcoming stories, "Well, let's see. Obviously, it's going to span the globe, it'll have all the familiar SHIELD guys. There are bits and pieces of SHIELD stuff that I've already discussed in other things, like the Caterpillar File in "Secret War." Some of the stuff in "Secret War" will be in the fore-front of "Spider-Woman." All the stuff happening in "New Avengers" and who she's reporting to, we're going to take a look at that. She's going to head on over to Madripor."


My personal thoughts on the matter is that I'm still confused why with a writer who seems to be at the top of his game like Bendis, Marvel won't greenlight a Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD ongoing title. With a movie on the horizon its likely that this will change soon, as Blade got his last three shots at an ongoing series with each Blade movie released. Perhaps Nick Fury and SHIELD have become such an intergral part of the framework of the Marvel Universe that Marvel is hard pressed to do anything too radical with it. In any case, With both Nick Fury's Howling Commandos and Spider Woman on the horizon, as well as the current Captain America, Nick Fury will certainly be keeping a high profile.

8-1-05 - The site reached a bit of a milestone, reaching 1 gig's worth of traffic. However it came with a price, the site went down. Thus I've reopened the Geocities entrance in hopes that will help ease the traffic on my server somewhat. Stories added include Dr. Strange 50-51 in the Sgt Fury section and unvieled a new look for the SHIELD agent bios.

Nick Fury First Out of the Gate?
Info from Dark Horizons, Mon, 1-Aug-2005

Dark Horizons reports a scooper's look at Marvel's upcoming movies. Among them, Nick Fury to which the scooper writes, "Recently, Bruce Willis was the latest to be rumored to lead the Howling Commados. If I'm not mistaken, this is the first film in a special agreement with Paramount, which includes the rights to Captain America, Black Panther, and possibly the Avengers".

It is interesting to speculate that if Paramount is indeed using Nick Fury as thier primer into a stream of Marvel movies, then the film should have a heavy push in terms of publicity. Also if Paramount were to follow suit with Fox's use of thier Marvel characters (Daredevil introducing Eletra, the rumored Fantastic Four 2 introducing The Silver Surfer), then it seems there is safe bet that Nick Fury could used to spin-off Captain America very easily.


7-21-05 - As you may have already noticed, I've added new graphics to the main page, including the one leading to the section indicating this will now feature Nick Fury news. With a movie possible for 2007 and a new series on the horizon, I thought now would be a good time to feature general news releated to Nick Fury as well as updates to this page here. So to start things off, here is a the latest on the Bruce Willis as Nick Fury I've found online.

Arad confirms Willis in Nick Fury talks
Posted on, Tue, 19-Jul-2005

Avi Arad, head-honcho of Marvel and anything filmatic the comic crew have done, confirmed to CHUD today that the rumours of Bruce Willis donning the eye-patch of one "Nick Fury" are on the money.

"I think he is interested. We are talking", says Arad.

Arad says he sees the "Nick Fury" series as a Yankie take on 007. "Nick Fury to me always was, there’s no American James Bond. James Bond is an incredible franchise based on what a British 007 would be, but you don’t have a franchise based on what an American guy would be with the same job, belief, everything. That’s Nick Fury. So if you do him right, no one will care what it is based on if it’s good."

Set-up at Paramount, the movie tells of Marvel comic character, Nick Fury, the director of an international espionage organization called S.H.I.E.L.D, who are constantly going up against rogues like the wicked Hydra.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Fury first appeared in the comic "Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos" in May 1963. The eye-patched adorned, cigar-chompin hero was later transformed into a James Bond type.

'Fury' first hit the screen in 1998, as a lacklustre David Hasselhoff vehicle. The rework is due for release in 2007, at the earliest.

Please feel free to email me any news that you have regarding the movie or any other Nick Fury/SHIELD related items, or post news on the following forums:

In other site news, we now feature a new SHIELD appearances calendar (thanks to Sergio Ferre, check out his site Doomgate) that will be linked at the top corner of this page. I'll be updating new format for the SHIELD agent bios.

7-9-05- Believe it or not, the SHIELD 2099 section is updated with some new images and some more information. Also I've been updating the look of the site thanks to Dan Zadorozny's fantastic one-stop-shop for Nick Fury related images and background (thanks Dan). Also, a new section on Other Howling Commandos in anticipation of the new series and of course, just waiting for Secret War and Wolverine to end for I assume some major updates leading up to the new Nick Fury series.

6-24-05: Added a few things here and there, including review and summary for Defenders 126, Captain America 247-248, among others. Also added Wolverine Winter Special #1 to the Missing page. Expect a new section to the site as soon as Secret War is over and the new Peacemaker title premieres some time later this year.

5-4-05: Updates at last. Starting things off, an interview from earlier in the year with SHIELD artist Paul Neary. More updates coming soon. For now added some filler information for some recent storylines, including the current stories in Wolverine and Captain America. Amazingly enough Secret War is still not done.

1-19-05: The Punisher video game is out and Nick Fury is in it. Also new images added to Heebink's Notes thanks to inker Don Hudson.

1-9-05: And the updates keep rolling in, a new interview with former SHIELD inker Kim DeMulder with an image of the unused cover for the first issue of Nick Fury Vs SHIELD. A big thanks to Mr. DeMulder for the interview.

1-6-05: We kick off 2005 with a number of updates, the most exciting being an interview with former SHIELD inker, Don Hudson! A big Howlers thanks to Mr. Hudson for taking time to reminisce a little about his time on the title. Also Added a Spider-Man and Elektra profile to the Allies of Nick Fury page.and (on a bit of a sad note) I've dropped plans to expand the Hydra section and just condensed everything into one (long) Villains page.

12-19-2004: Last major update of the year (maybe) and we end the year on a big bang. Another interview, this time with Rachel Griffith, Make-Up artist on the Nick Fury tele-movie. A huge thanks to her for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions. Also scans from the classic Handbook of the Marvel Universe have at last made their way to the site, featuring diagrams of the hover car and uniforms.

The Sgt Fury section has reopened with a new (but still cumbersome) design but expect more cover graphics. Still need help with the summaries so if anyone can help out, let me know.

Updated some of the more recent appearances, including finally catching up with Fury's guest shot in Fantastic Four last year. Been keeping on tab with his current whereabouts thanks to Stacy and Dan on the message board, big thanks to them.

With a new series on the horizon next year and a steady string of appearances in titles like Captain America and Wolverine expect much more in 2005. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

10-29-2004: Some changes to the FOX movie page including images from the French video and DVD covers.

10-17-2004: The facelift begins. You'll notice the History pages have a drop down menu which should work overall. Also I've made some new banners for sections thanks to some great fonts from Iconian Fonts (with a Fury section that just keeps getting better and better!). Added some more recent stories to the history pages, so I'm doing my best to keep up to date with those. The WWII section currently down while I move it to its own part of the server.

9-12-2004: Added images from a SHIELD appearance (sans Fury) on Spiderman and His Amazing Friends on the animation page. Believe it or not a big facelift is in the works but still a few months away.

6-5-2004: Added a page focusing on the unpublished adventures of Nick Fury with hopes of getting more info soon. Also added some new summaries to the Howlers page and added Brent Jackson to the Deadly Intergovernmental Enemies page. Also the Nick Fury's Ladies page and OSS/CIA years page are down for some revamping and retooling.

5-31-2004: Some stats for you all; I've had some 996 hits since I've moved to the site to the new server which is good. So far the most popular pages are Nick Fury's bio page and the first and last pages of his SHIELD years. The media page also ranks up there as well as his WWII page. For Memorial Day, I decided to buy a few issues of Sgt Fury at Milehigh so new updates for those pages soon. The helicarrier page and SHIELD Central pages are back with some new scans.

5-6-2004: Talk about priority A-1, former SHIELD penciler John Heebink graciously took some time to share his thoughts on all the issues he worked on for the Nick Fury series. A big thanks to him. Also G.W. Bridge's bio is updated.

5-3-2004: Updated the Media section, adding more on the Books page with more information on reprints and comic strip influences on Nick Fury. Also the animation section got a rearranging and I've added some appearances here and there on the history pages. Sadly I still don't have a copy of Secret War so Fury's most prominent story in some time goes unrecorded on the site. The Fan page got a much needed update as some links went dead. The agent bios have gotten a much needed revamp with a few appearances added and new images for the main agents, sorta a "now and then" approach. Many pages are down for some work, including the SHIELD gadget pages and the HYDRA section.

(3-7-2004) New server move and a slimed down site. Less graphics and a few pages are gone or combined with more coming.

(9-28-2003) Yes, I still remember this site; after a long time away I've moved the SHIELD years and WW II pages to my own server free of ads, although I'm unsure of how much faster it will load. If you encounter any problems let me know. Lots of little changes here and there as a result of trivia and corrections I've picked up on the message boards, my thanks to everyone there. Hopefully my next update will be sooner rather then later.

(3-20-2003) Major changes as I added a new chapter in Nick Fury's ongoing SHIELD Years pages as the last couple of years and the foreseeable future seem to indicate a new direction (or lack thereof) for the character. Also added a write up of Bloody Choices and the latest appearances of Fury in MK:Cap and Iron Man. Returned the webrings to the front page cuz I was getting grief via email from the webrings (who knew the rules were so precise). Updated the merchandise page with the recent spate of SHIELD stuff that has been hitting the market lately.

(1-4-2003) First update of the year as I finally tracked down the 94' Holiday Special with a really great Nick Fury story that recommend to all Fury fans. Otherwise nothing major, little tidbits here and there (info from Super Villains Team-Up #17).

(12-6-2002) Minor updates, adding a few appearances, since nothing major has happened with the character lately, aside from Ultimate Nick Fury (which I don't follow).

(7-18-2002) Added some more information to the SHIELD 2099 page; including listing issues where mentions are made to SHIELD or Nick Fury.

(7-10-2002) Did you know Nick Fury was killed twice in 1995? I didn't until today and now you can read about it in my write-up of War Machine #15-18. Take a look in Nick Fury's "Deaths" page.

(6-18-2002) Added a write-up for two of Fury's latest appearances; a guest shot on X-Men: Evolution and his most recent story in Marvel Knights: Doubleshot #2.

(5-12-2002) I've provided the credits for the creative teams on the last three SHIELD history pages and I've included trivia notes for all the stories. Whew.

(3-19-2002) I just got Dreamweaver so I'm going over each page and fixing little things that no one will notice anyhow. Two major things of note, the site got its first award (as you can see on the main page) and I'm bowled over by it. Its really an honor. Also a new page, SHIELD Agents Gone Bad is in the SHIELD section. As always, I accept submissions.

(2-13-2002) More rearranging; the major one being the integration of cameo appearances into the individual SHIELD years pages, thus eliminating the cameos page altogether. Also I've decided to start listing all of Nick Fury's appearances in What If... on the Alternates page. 

No more individual reviews from Andy James for the MAX title anymore so I'll see what I can do to resolve that soon (probably I'll just buy them myself...(sigh)). Also I finally snagged an image of some kind for the Cap/Fury cyber comics that was running on a couple years ago under the Excelsior Theatre banner. Its not much (doesn't even show Fury), but I'm proud dammit. 

In other news, a new Nick Fury doll is on the way this year and you can see a pic on the Merchandise page (Thanks Dino!).

(1-19-2002) First update of the year courtesy of some old Sgt Fury's I bought; got summaries and reviews for a couple good stories. Also I've added a navigation menu at the bottom of nearly every page which I hope makes things easier. Coming soon will be screen captures for Nick Fury's appearance on X-Men: Evolution

(11-25-01)-- Lite on updates, the main one being Andy James' latest review of MAX: Fury #3

(10/31/01)-- Happy Halloweeeen!

Contrary to activity on this page, I did not take the month of October off, just writing updates. First off, we have a new reviewer to add to the ranks; the UK's Andy James. He will be reviewing the MAX: Fury series issue by issue (a first for this site) and you can access the reviews at the Alternates page. Also, reviews for the latest Fury/Captain America adventure at the current SHIELD page and a summary and review of Nova #17-18 at the 1970's SHIELD page. Minor amendments here and there also.

(9/14/01)--- First of all I'd like to express my condolences to all those with loved ones in the tragedies on Tues. Having family in NYC, I can understand the deep emotions involved in all this and my prayers and hopes extend to all of you.

This past week had actually provided for a number of updates, including the release of the new MAX: Fury limited series, however I will wait for its end to post summary and review. I have included a pic of Fury from Ultimate X-Men # 9 and information regarding Sgt Fury published in Spanish. My thanks to Ulises Mavridis for help in providing me information.

(8/25/01)--- Some more Howler updates as I add the summaries and reviews to the last batch of Sgt Fury I had not read. Also I finally made bios for Sgt Savage, Bull McGiveney and the Blitzers. On the SHIELD side, I some material to the HYDRA pages; including replacing the bios I lost for Mentallo and The Fixer and finally adding the Dreadnought to the weapons page. And for some controversy; I added the Gnobians to the weapons section too, with a blurb stating origins from both NF:AOS Vol 2 AND the Fury oneshot. 

(8/19/01)--- Another trip to the comic shop produces some minor updates. The one most worth noting is a summary and review for The Otherworld War. Also some new scans sprinkled in here and there from the Marvel Handbooks. 

(8/5/01)--- Sprinkled a few new pics here and there, but most importantly I've added reviews and summaries for 2 non Sgt Fury title stories of the Howling Commandos. If anyone knows of any others to list, let me know please.

(7/25/01)-- I've actually been doing lots of updates lately, except for the actual update page ironically enough. Anyhow, the WWII section has expanded to include Howler appearances in other titles. Yet another redesign of the agents pages which hopefully looks better. I've been expanding the cameo page and the alternates page is getting a workout with Marvel's Ultimate titles. Oh, and I'm adding links to the actual pages that I'm updating...great idea huh?

(6/14/01)-- Tons of stuff thanks to a new and faster computer. I've expanded the Howlers section with a listing of Sgt. Fury and some pics and summaries/reviews. Also I've added lots of pics, including the cover of the upcoming Fury miniseries among others. 

(5/28/01)-- Small Memorial Day update consisting of additions to the cameo and character pages. Also I've begun to add reprint notations to stories that have been reprinted one way or another. 

(5/14/01)-- Updated some character appearances thanks to Ben Herman and The Thursday Nite Furies (Cat, Michelle, and Keri) and a trip to the local comic shop. 

(5/8/01)-- Following my computer crash (damm HYDRA agents!), updates have been slow but I've done some redesigns on the SHIELD Years page and I've done the regular business of updating character appearances (Thanks for the heads up on Wolverine #163 Cat!). Also the link to Jungle Warfare simply does not work, but it does take you to at least.

(4/15/01)-- Major reworking of the Allies page and an overhaul of the formerly Crossovers Page, which is now the Cameos Page. This is set to be a big section listing all of Fury's appearances which do not warrant being listed as Nick Fury stories.

If you see Nick Fury, even in just one panel, of any comic drop me an email so I can add it to the list. Its short now, but I hope to feature every appearance he's in. If possible a little commentary would be nice (just a sentence or two).

Finally jotted down bios for Mentallo & the Fixer. More minor tweaks here and there in the bios pages to reflect what is happening in Captain America currently. Also some SHIELD stuff from left field; a picture of the special helicarrier used by SHIELD in Marvel Comic's Godzilla and a write-up of Nick Fury and the Micronauts.

(3/25/01)-- Minor bits here and there, stuff I've been meaning to update for awhile now. Among them; summary and review of the latest Black Widow miniseries and a few additions to the card section.

(2/22/01)-- Big Overhaul of the OSS/CIA page with more and better info.

(2/13/01)--Some fills in the story summaries thanks to fellow SHIELD fan Lou Mougin (Thanks!!!). Also a few minor cosmetic changes and some minor updates (added info from the SHIELD novel to the ESPer page). 

(2/4/01)--A huge and unexpected change....A new location. 

After two years the portal has begun to fold and thus I've moved the site under my Yahoo account at this location. Expect some bad links for a time. At this time the Val gallery is inactive and may return at a later date. Since I have less space here expect some streamlining over the next few months.