In one of its more daring experiments, Marvel Comics undertook a huge task in 1993, opening a new chapter in its Marvel universe by mapping its distant future. Introducing a despotic world void of the heroes of old, a new Marvel universe unfolded with futuristic versions of established heroes (Spiderman, Hulk, Ghost Rider) and completely new characters (Ravage, Metalscream). Amoung the concepts updated for this future was SHIELD.

In the Autumn of 2099, the second American Revolution exploded. The fractured States of America ruled by the U.S. MegaCorps were a berserk, polluted danger to the entire planet--a rabid dog in hungry pursuit of the profit motive. Doom, ruler of the European state of Latveria was forced to the conclusion that in his continuing bid to save his home, he must first save America---from itself. So he took over America. Claiming the presidency by right of revolution

Doom 2099 #32

The Wrongdoer Punishment Act transfers all police functions to the newly formed Ministry of Punishment force, SHIELD. Under this agency is established an investigative- tribunal - correctional unit---the Punishment Police

2099 World of Doom Special
Notable SHIELD 2099 Issues

Punisher 2099 #28: Punisher becomes head of SHIELD.

Punisher 2099 #32: Is framed and goes on the run from SHIELD.

Fantastic Four 2099 #3: On the run, the Four seek shelter in the old SHIELD Central through the barber shop entrance.

X-Nation 2099 #4: Sister Nicholas of the Sisterhood of the Howling Commandments is introduced.

Upon taking control of America, Doom instated a national police force in service to the public named SHIELD to remedy the lack of police protections for those who could not afford it. Created under the Wrongdoer Punishment Act, the new SHIELD served as an invesigative, tribunal, and correctional unit.

Doom appointed Jake Gallows, aka The Punisher of the 2099 universe. When Doom assumed the Presidency, Gallows quickly sided with the man as both shared a strict vision of an ordered society. Gallows took office as Minister Of Punishment, quickly instituting a police state where the legal age of responsibility was lowered to age seven and half. As head of SHIELD, Gallows made use of the cutting edge in surveillance and offensive technology to create armored agents known as "Punishers" who patrolled the streets in armored hover vehicles as the Punishment Police. The new SHIELD darkly mirrored its past with an update of the old ESPer Squad in the form of the Emoscan system which allowed SHIELD to punish deviants before they committed their crimes.

Also worth noting, remnants of the original agency still existed, as seen by the Fantastic Four taking refuge in the former barbershop entrance to S.H.I.E.L.D. Central.

SHIELD survived the transition as Doom was toppled in the United States and he saw his beloved Latveria decimated with megatoxins by the corporate menace John Herod. Gallows, was ousted from his post and once again went on the run as a vigilante.

Minister of Punishment Jake Gallows: Formerly a Special Ops agent for the private police force, Public Eye, Gallows went vigilante as the new Punisher to avenge the murder of his family, taking inspiration from the diaries of the long dead Frank Castle. He found help from tech-whiz Max Axel and became the Punisher of 2099. When Doom took control of America, the Punisher sided with him and in turn was appointed head of the new public federal police force known as SHIELD. Gallows used the unlimited SHIELD resources to stamp on crime with a bitter vengeance which bordered on the maniacal. Doom eventually decided to remove Gallows and intiated a frame-up, however when an imposter Captain America took control away from Doom, it all became a moot point. Contrasting accounts feature Gallows hunted down and executed by SHIELD, while another shows him escaping Earth and continuing his quest for justice in space.

Internal Investigation Officer Saffron: Aside from Gallows, Saffron was the only other person appointed by Doom when SHIELD was formed. Her job although vague in Gallows eye, was clear to Doom; to keep a careful eye on the unstable Gallows. When Doom decided to eliminate Gallows, Saffron was the one who framed him for crimes against the state.

Cadet Punisher Jillian Wong: Anrgy and bored with life, Wong was amoung the first to join SHIELD, quickly coming under Gallows' direct supervision; eventaully serving as his personal assistant. Only she remains loyal to Gallows and helps him escape Earth after the fall of Doom.

Commisioner Kernahan: Head of the Chicago West Loop station of SHIELD. Assumed temporary command of SHIELD after the revolutionary government fell and Herod and his corporate forces moved in.


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