The primary reason behind Nick Fury's enduring popularity is the loyal fan base. Below you will find many examples of the fans getting together and celebrating thier enjoyment of Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.


Nick Fury Links

Creator Links

Pronea: Secret Warriors writer Jonathan Hickman's personal website.

alessandrovitti.blogspot: Secret Warriors artist blog.

Comic Book Illustrator Dick Ayers: Nick Fury's longest running regular penciler; Ayers was penciler for Sgt Fury & His Howling Commandos for nearly its entire run.

Capitalist Ficiton: SHIELD writer Dan Chichester's blog where amoung other things, you can find his Fury cybercomic, Jungle Warefare.

Cartooning and Comic Book Art by Heebink: Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD artist John Heebink's webpage with examples of his other work including the new Doll and Creature and of course everyone's favorite Howler.

Comic Culture- Don Hudson: SHIELD inker Don Hudson's column at the very cool Comics Culture site.

Kim DeMulder, Inker for Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD Volume 2 and Nick Fury Vs SHIELD miniseries. The artist the redefined Nick Fury for the espionage world. The artist's official site; coming soon.

Joe Legendary Marvel artist wo served as penciller on Sgt. Fury & His Howling Commandos and Strange Tales.


Nick Fury Links

Nick Fury Fan Sites


Iconian Fonts Fonts, backgrounds, and screensavers galore; including many based on SHIELD, Nick Fury and Hydra and more. Also be sure to check out the Nick Fury IQ Test and checklist!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Central - Home of SG-5's Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage & Logistics Directorate: Stargate SG1 and SHIELD join forces in this excellent role-playing site. Plus you can sign up for a cool SHIELD email account!


Marvel Comics Links

Excellent site which an extensive covers gallery of Marvel's Silver Age titles, including Captain America and Nick Fury.

Ben Herman's Online Gallery Of Comic Book Artwork And Writings: Great art is on display here including some fine sketches with Nick Fury

The Drawings of Steranko: A great site with tons of images and articles on the artist

Guide to Marvel's Pre-FF #1 Heroes: A great resources for Marvel fans who love the early era of Marvel, a nice site to remember what fun the Marvel Universe used to be.

The Marvel Chronolgy Project: The most indepensible resources releated to Marvel Comics on the internet. Lists the chronology of nearly every Marvel character ever. Proved invaluable to me when compiling my website.

MARVEL UNIVERSE: THE APPENDIX The second most indepensible resources releated to Marvel Comics on the internet. The place to go for those oneshot characters you love but Marvel has forgotten.

Other Comic Book Heroes

This is the best Doom site (out of 2099) on the World Wide Web. Reviews and images.

This is the best Doom 2099 site on the World Wide Web. Reviews, images and anaylisis of this underated series

Great site on Ms.Marvel, who has crossed paths with Fury and SHIELD on more then a few occasions.

The shrine to Silver Sable, one of my favorite 90's Marvel heroines. Its too bad her and Fury didn't cross paths more times.

Star Spangled Site: One of the best Captain America online mainstays on the web, run by Dave Medinnus

The Punisher Archive: The spot on the net for everything on The Punisher, whether you like him battling thugs, demons, or 2099 crooks. Very comprehensive site.

Other Sites

Rachel Griffin Make-Up F/X: Homepage for Rachel Griffin, Make-Up FX artist who worked on the Nick Fury tv movie, among many other films and television series.