Nick Fury-themed character poster promoting The Avengers

Steranko's interior art from Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD: Empyre

X-Men Evolution

Publicity still from Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD tv movie.


Nick Fury 's Pulp and Literary Connections


Interview with writer Gregory Wright

Video interview with writer Scott Lobdell

Interview with artist Ernie Stiner

Video Interview with actor Gary Chalk

Video Interview with artist/writer Howard Chaykin

Video Interview with writer Roy Thomas

Video Interview with writer Jim Starlin

Interview with artist Paul Neary

Interview with artist Kim DeMulder

Interview with artist Don Hudson

Heebink's Notes: an Interview with John Heebink

Ralph Dula's Interview with Will Murray

Interview with Rachel Griffith, Make-Up FX Artist

Interview with Dave Axford, ModelShop Supervisor

Nick of Ages: Fury and SHIELD Returns

-in-depth look at Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (2).

Don't Yield, Back SHIELD

-On the release of Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD (2) in 1989.
Stan's Soapbox: On Nick Fury
-Stan Lee on the creation Nick Fury and SHIELD (2).

Wolverine & Nick Fury - the Scorpio Connection

-On the release of the Scorpio Connection graphic novel
Welcome to the Ninties Nick
-On the release of the Fury of SHIELD series.
Not Your Father's Joes
-On the proposal for a SHIELD title with the Elite Agents.

Sounds of the Fury
-Comic Newsrama covers the MAX: Fury miniseries.

CBR: Yost Expands on Heroric Legacies in 'Battle Scars' and 'Scarlet Spider'

-Comic Book Resources interviews writer Chris Yost on the origins of the Battle Scars miniseries.

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