At Shock Pop Comic convention in 2015, I had a chance to chat with writer Scott Lobdell. Lobdell worked on the 90s SHIELD comic, adding a shot of superheroes to the title, which had up to then been focused on espionage and a return of Hydra. The idea of Nick Fury leading a team of super-powered agents seems ahead of the curve, mirroring the current state of the Cinematic Fury and these issues deserve a second look today.

My thanks to Mr. Lobdell for taking the time to speak with us and discuss his work on Nick Fury. Enormous thanks also to my brother Sergio of Doomgate for filming and helping with the interview.



Lobdell looks through his first issue as writer on the SHIELD title.


On the Super Agents of SHIELD and their eventual demise under the pen of a different writer.

 On how he got his job writing for the SHIELD title.


Scott Lobdell's Nick Fury work

A big thanks to Scott Lobdell for taking time to share his memories with us.