Nick Fury, Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D.  #36 "The Snake Who Came in From the Cold"
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Penciler: M. C. Wyman
Inker: Don Hudson
Colorist: Kevin Tinsley
Letterer: Philip Felix

As Dungan tries to talk Fury out of abdicating the directorship to him, word comes that Luke Cage has inadvertently tracked down the elusive Constrictor which sends Fury to Mexico to intercept him. Cage is on a case to locate Mia Payne's long thought dead father and instead finds himself facing off against his old adversary. Fury joined the fray as the Constrictor gets away, and Cage demands explanations. Fury reveals the assassin's origins as a SHIELD agent let down by Fury's lack of compassion in a tight spot. Both men corner the Chameleon and Fury convinces him that by leaving clues to his daughter of his existence, he really wants to be found and brought back in. Chameleon's snake suit is immobilized and Payne decides to turn himself in to Fury and seek help before reuniting with his daughter.

Solid story from Lobdell offers a rare instance of redemption for the emotionally maligned Fury. The Chameleon's story is handled well and his transition from villain to sympathetic victim is believable. Fury's guilt over his part in creating the Chameleon is emphasized in the last panels of the issue, where Fury cradles the misguided Payne in his arms. The story humbles Fury by having him not only make a mistake but present him with a chance to atone for it. The inclusion of Luke Cage is not distracting or overdone but it is unnecessary as he simply served as a device to prompt a retelling of the Chameleons' origin; a task easily achieved with one of the regular S.H.I.E.L.D. supporting players like Pierce or Nina. Wyman and the art team continues to impress.