Nick Fury, Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. #33-35 (The Hijacking of the Helicarrier)
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Penciler: M. C. Wyman
Inker: Don Hudson
Colorist: Kevin Tinsley
Letterer: Philip Felix

The helicarrier is taken over by a cadre of super-terrorists lead by Mad Dog and bankrolled by A.I.M. Fury goes to the United Nations to seek aid but Gyrich denies it to him in payback for Fury stalling his capture of Cable. G.W. Bridge the introduces Fury to the recruits from the new "Super Agents" program and Fury decides to use them to take the helicarrier. Meanwhile aboard the carrier, Mad Dog's ploy is quickly falling apart as the helicarrier has set itself into a countdown to self-destruct and none of the files are retrievable. Also one of the terrorists, Ivory is having second thoughts as she witnesses the cruelty shown to Dugan. Fury, Bridge, and the "Super Agents" crash into the helicarrier over Egypt and successfully take it back from Mad Dog and the others, with help from Ivory who switches side and joins Fury.

After the smoke clears and the helicarrier is stabilized, Fury resigns as director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and hands it over to Dugan.

Scott Lobdell takes full reigns and begins to superhero'ize the title with the introduction of the "Super Agents". Dugan earns some much deserved spotlight again with some brave words against his tormentors and his attempts to sway Ivory to the right side is an effective use of the character. The short-lived Ivory shows potential as she debates which side to fight for and among the Super-Agents, Violence is the best scripted with a series of acid-tounged exchanges with Fury that makes her the only live one in the bunch.

The "return" of Von Strucker is puzzling as he is utilizing the old colors and uniforms; is the hologram part of Von Strucker's current plot or is it something rigged by that specific HYDRA cell? The art is back on track with M.C. Wyman's induction into the lineup of Fury pencilers. His work is nothing flashy or stunning but instead low key and accomplished. His rendition of the characters are realistic and hold a subtle style of their own, especially Fury in that way-cool collared uniform which matches him perfectly.