An interview with Roy Thomas

In the summer of 2012, I contacted writer Roy Thomas to conduct an interview at Florida Supercon. What follows are excerpts from the interview. My thanks to Mr. Thomas for taking the time to sit down with us and discuss his work on Nick Fury. Enormous thanks also goes to my brother Sergio of Doomgate for filming and helping with the interview.


Sgt. Fury & His Howling Commandos is the longest running title to feature Fury as it's lead character. In this segment, Thomas speaks to the longevity of the Sgt. Fury title in comparison to other Marvel war titles.

One of the major changes introduced during Thomas' run on Sgt. Fury was the addition of Eric Koenig to the ranks of the Howling Commando. Thomas speaks about the origin of the character below.



The longest running artist on Sgt. Fury was Dick Ayers. In the video clip below Thomas talks about working with Ayers on the Sgt. Fury comic and a few of the story ideas they shared. 

Below, Thomas talks about how he would write a Sgt. Fury comic today, with an emphasis on more Marvel-style stories with villains like Colonel Klaue and Red Skull.


Roy Thomas introduced Colonel Klaue in issue #39, the only other reoccurring Nazi foe for the Howling Commandos aside from Baron Von Strucker.

My Nick Fury:Agent of SHIELD #4 autographed by writer Roy Thomas

Roy Thomas' association with Nick Fury was not to end with Howling Commandos. Thomas wrote two issues of Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD, including issue #4 that recounts Fury's recruitment into SHIELD. Following the demise of the SHIELD title, Thomas wrapped up the dangling plot threads in the pages of Avengers #72. Below Thomas recounts those experiences.




A big thanks to Roy Thomas for taking time to do this interview!