An interview with Howard Chaykin

In the summer of 2012, I contacted frequent Nick Fury artist and writer Howard Chaykin to conduct an interview at Florida Supercon. What follows are excerpts from the interview. My most sincere thanks to Mr. Chaykin for taking the time to sit down with us and discuss his work on Nick Fury. Enormous thanks also to my brother Sergio of Doomgate for filming and helping with the interview.



Howard Chaykin's latest work on Nick Fury is in Avengers: 1959. This story is a spin-off of the run Chaykin did on New Avengers with Brian Michael Bendis. In the video above Chaykin speaks on the roots of Avengers: 1959.

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In 1994, Chaykin contributed a short holiday story to the Marvel Holiday Special. Featuring a story with a nod to Nick Fury's days in World War II, the story stands as a Fury-fan favorite. In the clip above, Chaykin looks over the issue.


Both WWII heroes who made it through the Cold War, Nick Fury and Blackhawk are two of Howard Chaykin's favored characters. Watch the clip above for his thoughts on both characters.


My copy of Marvel Spotlight #31 autographed by Howard Chaykin and Jim Starlin.


Howard Chaykin first worked on Nick Fury as the artist on Marvel Spotlight #31, working with writer Jim Starlin in 1976. In the clip above I ask Mr. Chaykin on whether there were any thoughts to relaunching a new Nick Fury series after the Spotlight issue. Chaykin also speaks about his work ethic as an artist


Chaykin left comic books for a time in the 1990s and worked in television. One of the shows he worked on was the CBS tv series of The Flash.

In 1995 Marvel Comics unveiled a new Nick Fury series with Howard Chaykin as writer and Corky Lehmkuhl as artist. The series soon wrapped up after only four issues. Click below for Chaykin's memories on the project.

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Chaykin here reminisces about reading Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos as a young kid with his friends. The panel to the left is Sgt. Fury & His Howling Commandos #2


Howard Chaykin's Nick Fury work


A big thanks to Howard Chaykin for taking time to do this interview!