Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1-4 (1995)
Writer: Howard Chaykin
Penciler: Corky C. Lehmkuhl 
* #1-3 Inker: Mark McKenna
* #4 w/ Mick Gray
Colorist: Tom Smith
Lettering: Starkings Comiccraft

Back in NYC, Fury faces severe cutbacks in S.H.I.E.L.D. funding and the sudden return of his son while running a stake-out on Hydra latest doings in NYC lead by Karl Kraus. Their surveillance lands them in the middle of a revenge scheme by Kraus' ex-wife, whose father was the previous cell leader for Hydra. She wants control of Hydra back or she detonates a mini-neutron bomb in NYC; forcing Fury and Kraus to join forces. After the mission, Fury and his son go down to Hell's Kitchen and run into a black-market arms racket funding the local street gangs.

God bless Howard Chaykin! After the lackluster Scorpio Rising, Chaykin is back on track with Nick Fury in this aborted attempt at a third title series. The story is strong and exciting with plenty of 90's tweaks, including issues of funding (often raised in the previous book's letter pages!) and Fury's smoking. Chaykin successfully manages to modernize and make the concept more realistic, even though it does contrast sharply with the omnipotent S.H.I.E.L.D. which is often portrayed in other titles. 

Artist Corky C. Lehmkuhl reenergizes Fury and Co. with some fantastic layouts which are well paired with Marvel Comics' 1990's entry into computer-controlled coloring. The high standard in gorgeous women is continued with some strikingly beautiful femme fatales, and best of all the Countessa returns with a new great look. Aside from Val, no sign of Fury's old cronies, not even Dum Dum; instead we have able support from Fury's son and Lockhart. The first three issues are simply the best Fury story in several years both in terms of plot and art and boded well for what would have been. The fourth issue I guess was too far into production to cancel so they just threw it in despite having no bearing on the first three, but its a nice story regardless and shows Fury trying to get reacquainted with his son; a nice touch. The covers are all fantastic, with the exception of the overmuscled premeire issue, and the guest appearances by Iron Man are very cool with Lehmkuhl doing a great rendition of him for issue 3. A must have for all Fury fans.