Daredevil 1991 Annual "Von Strucker Gambit Part 1"
Writer: Gregory Wright
Penciler: Ron Garney
Colorist: Christie Scheesle
Inker: Doug Hazlewood

Punisher 1991 Annual "Von Strucker Gambit Part 2"
Writer: Gregory Wright & D.G. Chichester
Penciler: John Herbert
Colorists: Greg Wright, Ed Lazellari, Sara Mossoff
Inkers: Jimmy Palmiotti, Don Hudson, Jim Reddington
Letterer: Jade Moede

Captain America 1991 Annual "Von Strucker Gambit Part 3"
Cover Artist (Pt 1 & 3): Mike Mingola
Writer: Gregory Wright
Penciler: Mike Manley
Colorist: Ed Lazellarri

An augmented Romulus, Guillotine, and Sathan break free from a HYDRA genetics lab into NYC and Von Strucker assigns their capture to the elite bounty division, Takimoto, Striklan, and Dakini. Sathan returns to her home in Hell's Kitchen only to find it burned as a result of an arson scam. Sathan uses her mental powers to reanimate the corpse of those who died in the fire and hunt down the man responsible. Her path of revenge crosses both Daredevil and Striklan, who has abandoned HYDRA and struck out on his own as a vigilante named The Crippler. Von Strucker detonates Sathan's head before Fury and Daredevil get to her and The Crippler rides off.

Guillotine takes a job with the Yakuza and helps them take over the heroin trade and then takes over the operation himself; thus earning the ire of the Punisher. The Punisher allays himself with Takimoto despite Fury's protests and together they put an end to the heroin operation. Takimoto loses his life in saving the Punisher from Guillotine and the enraged Punisher tricks the HYDRA agent to slice his own arm off and fall into the bay. HYDRA agents recover Guillotine and return him to Von Strucker who is monitoring Romulus' progress.

Romulus runs into Captain America and Nick Fury and her hunter, Dakini while breaking into a genetics lab. Later Cap and Fury learn of the genetic experiments which augmented the three escapees from Dr. Fishman, who comes up with an antidote. Romulus arrives on the scene with her hunter on her tail. Captain America, feeling sympathy for Romulus lets her have the antidote and later lets her escape, despite having killed Dakini and Fury's protests. Back at HYDRA, Von Strucker reveals his real goal, to "bring HYDRA's database on the potential threat" of the three heroes.

Zig-zag plotted crossover across three annuals is nothing more then a well-intentioned attempt at raising awareness of the Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. book. The overall story holds strong throughout the titles but ends up disappointing with its lackluster and confusing resolution. Surely there was data on these heroes already in the HYDRA databanks; and in the case of Captain America, Von Strucker could not have doubted his prowess? Wasn't there an easier way of accomplishing his goal?! How could a lowlife like the Crippler know of Von Strucker's resurrection but heroes like Cap and Fury not have a clue? Nagging questions aside, the three issues hold well on their own; especially the Cap annual which features some great pencils by Mike Manley and plotted by Fury regular Chichester. The Daredevil and Cap annuals both feature stunning Mike Mignola covers which are worth the price alone.