Penciler: Denys Cowan
Inker: Rick Magyar


Deathlok Special #2-4
Writer: Dwayne McDuffie & Gregory Wright
Penciler: (#2) Jackson Guice (#3-4) Denys Cowan
Inker: (#2) Scott Williams (#3) Rick Magyar (#4)Kyle Baker, Mike Decarlo
Colorist: (#2) Paul Mounts (#3-4)Gregory Wright (#3)Paul Mounts (#4)Brad Vancata
Letterer: (#2) Richard Starkings (#3-4) Joe Rosen
Cover Illustrator: (#2) Jackson Guice, (#3-4) Denys Cowan

Michael Collins is trapped in the latest Deathlok unit and begins a hunt to track down the man responsible Harlan Ryker. Investigating shady business by Cybertek and its parent company Roxxon Oil, Nick Fury and SHIELD cross paths with Ryker in trying to cover up Deathlok's rampage at Coney Island. Tracking Deathlok's moves, Fury makes contact and they team-up in order to put an end to Cybertek.

  • Continuity Notes
  • Appearance by Alexander Pierce and Al Mackenzie
  • Mention is made of N'Gami, last seen in Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2) #12
  • This Deathlok appears in Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (2) #31-32
  • Fury would oversee a third Deathlok, using the remains of agent Jack Thruman
  • Gregory Wright and Jackson Guice would both join the SHIELD creative team
  • The Marvel Legends Deathlok action figure came packaged with a reprint of #3, featuring Nick Fury and Pierce

The unlikely pairing of Nick Fury with the Deathlok character begins here in this 4-issue miniseries. A strong debut for the new Deathlok, incorporates Nick Fury and SHIELD well and makes for a good match. The use of Roxxon Oil lays down the groundwork for more appearances by Fury and SHIELD in later stories. Surprisingly Fury and Deathlok make for quite a good team, with an interplay akin to Fury and Wolverine.