Sgt Fury & His Howling Commandos Annual #6 "Through The Past, Darkly" (1970)
Writer: Gary Freidrich
Penciler: Dick Ayers
Inker: John Severin
Letterer: Jean Izzo

At a loss as to what stories to place in the Sgt Fury annual, Marvel editor Stan Lee rings up Nick Fury and calls him over to the Marvel Bullpen, where he recounts three tales to the Sgt Fury creative team.   

  • Continuity Notes
  • Appearance by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Dick Ayers, John Serevin, and Gary Freidrich.
  • Fury mentions the Vietnam War and says he's against it.
  • Fury likes the movie Patton starring George C Scott.

Bookend sequences in this annual feature Fury and the actual creative team that work on the comic, making for one of the more unusual appearences for the Colonel. Good art and goofy fun, but the real reason to get this annual is of course the reprints of the Sgt. Fury stories inside. However if you already have the originals, the cheesy story may seem a poor substitute for the pin-up galleries and fresh stories that feature in other annuals.