Marvel Fanfare #10-13 (1984)
Writer: Ralph Maccio
Penciler: George Perez
Letterer: Costnaza

Nick Fury relunctently assigns the Black Widow to bring in her old partner and mentor, Ivan Petrovitch. The course of Black Widow's investigation take her from a secret Soviet science installation to Hong Kong where she faces off against the assasians of Damon Dran.

  • Continuity Notes
  • Cover appearance on #11
  • Appearences by Jimmy Woo and Happy Sam Sawyer(!).
  • Woo is head of the Hong Kong division of SHIELD
  • The mission undertaken by Widow is a curious interagency operation between SHIELD and the CIA, headed by Gen. Sawyer.
  • Reprinted in Black Widow: Web of Intrigue oneshot in 1999 with a Fury cover appearence

Excellent Marvel-style espionage thriller (ie, lots of fantasy elements) with the Black Widow center stage in a beaitifully illustrated story by penciler George Perez and Al Milgrom. Slightly overwirtten by Ralph Maccio, the story nonetheless is fast moving and frentic. Of course it wouldn't be a classic Widow story without Fury and SHIELD and we get some pretty good bookend appearences, as well as a plot centered on downing the helicarrier. The story actually has a surprising edge of violence as both Black Widow and SHIELD are shown to be quite lethal. Also of interest to SHIELD fans, both Happy Sam (making a rather incogrious appearence) and Jimmy Woo are on tap for rather extensive guest shots. Best of all the genunine friendship shared by Fury and Widow is on display here. This is one to get, especially if you can find the 1999 oneshot.