The Fantastic Four #154 "The Man The Man in the Mystery Mask!" (1975)
Writer:Len Wein
Bob Brown
Inker: Mike Esposito & Frank Giacoia
Glynis Wein
Artie Simek

Reed Richards, the Thing and the Human Torch are attacked by an unknown assaliant wearing a masked uniform once worn by Richards. Following heated battle with a plethora of weapons that leaves the Fantasticar destroyed, Mr. Fantastic nabs thier attacker and its revealed to be Nick Fury. Fury explains he wanted to test some weapons on the Four, and offers to pay for the damages. The Four are not pleased.

  • Continuity Notes
  • Technically a cover appearance as Fury is the masked man.
  • SHIELD now boasts a short-range transporter ala Star Trek
  • A reprint of Strange Tales #127 is incoperated into the story, the first appearence of the costume Fury is wearing.
  • Reprinted in:
    • The Essential Fantastic Four #7
    • Marvel Masterworks:The Fantastic Four Volume 15

Rather nasty appearence for Fury, basically hunting down and nearly killing those who are supposed to number among his best friends. Ranging from the over enthusiastic insults flung at the FF, (calling them fools, dummy, etc) to actually destroying thier valued Fanasti-Car, Fury's rationale for this impromptu 'test' is extremely thin. Together with the reprint of the original story included within the issue as a flashback by Johnny, the whole issues seems an odd filler with little regard for logic or plausabilty. In my opinion nearly the worst Nick Fury guest shot of all time.