"Well I wonder. Could there be anything on this Earth more annoying than being moralized to by a spoiled, rich serial killer"

Nick Fury on Elektra - (MK) Elektra #5


One of the deadliest assassins in the world, Elektra's status as a hired killer has her crossing paths with SHIELD and its ubiquitous director on more then one occasion; not all of them friendly.

Daughter to a powerful Greek diplomat (whom Nick Fury knew; in what capacity remains unknown), her father's assassination left Elektra emotionally shattered, and she fled to Japan, falling in with the assassin cult known as the Hand. Befriended by the organization's leader, Stick, Elektra honed her fighting skills but eventually rebelled against her handlers and fled Japan. Meeting and falling for Daredevil, Elektra soon met her demise at the hands of the hitman Bullseye. However, this was not the end of Elektra, as she was resurrected by her former masters, a kindness she repaid with violence. 

Quickly following her return to the world of the living, Elektra found herself at odds with Fury and SHIELD. Killing South American Presidente Carlos Huevos and taking the near-dead SHIELD agent John Garret as her somewhat unwilling partner, she went gunning for U.S. Presidential candidate Ken Wind and exposed the dark underbelly of SHIELD in the form of EXTECHOP. Elektra was a hard tonic for Fury to swallow, but he saw her as a necessary evil to bear, and in some cases even use.

The theft of the Scorpio Key by Hydra for Iraq prompted Fury to hire Elektra for a mission. This mission however placed them further at odds when she hid the Key after retrieving it, much to Fury's disdain.

The murder and resurrection of Wolverine by Elektra's former masters, the Hand, lead to Fury bringing her in to hunt down the berserk, brainwashed mutant before he could kill prominent super-heroes. Elektra allowed her self to be "killed" and "brainwashed" and used as a weapon by Hydra to bring down the SHIELD helicarrier (nearly killing Nick Fury in the process) as part of a deep cover plan to infiltrate the Hand.

In the wake of the Skrull invasion, the real Elektra has returned. Its unknown when she will cross paths with a now rouge Nick Fury,but it will happen inevitably.

Selected Team-Ups  

Elektra: Assassin
(MK) Elektra: 1-5
Wolverine (2): 20-30

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