"Gotta be straight with you--I figured you wouldn't come through. I apologize. You're an honest ta goodness hero."

Nick Fury on Micheal Collins' Deathlok- Deathlok Special (1) #4

Deathlok #1--Luther Manning
The original cyborg hailing from an alternate future, this Deathlok briefly tangled with Fury and the Thing when he was brought backwards in time by Mentallo and the Fixer to kill the President of the United States

Deathlok #2--Micheal Collins
Former engineer at the Cybertek division of the Roxxon corporation, Collins was murdered and his remains merged with the Deathlok unit for a mission into the South American nation of Estrella. Collins regained control of the Deathlok unit and swore revenge and those who took his life away. His quest to destroy Cybertek and bring down its division head, Harlan Ryker crossed Deathlok with Nick Fury and SHIELD; also looking to put an end to Ryker. Teaming up, they developed a solid trust and both came to their aid when needed, Fury helping with repairs to the Deathlok unit at times and allowing Collins' wife to believe he was acting as an agent of SHIELD

Deathlok #3--Jack Truman
Formerly Agent 18, Jack Truman was a designated 'Manhunter' sent in to eliminate the most dangerous targets. Following an assignment to apprehend the rogue mutant, Cable, Truman was left for near dead but rescued by
SHIELD's EXTECHOP division and used as the host for a new SHIELD-designed Deathlok unit, without authorization from Fury, an operation Fury allowed finished relunctently.Truman completed a small number of missions as Deathlok, including rescuing Fury from a life as a crime lord. Truman, already beginning to tire of his SHIELD masters prior to his Cable assignment, harnessed his intense mental powers to transfer his consciousness into a former agent, leaving the Deathlok unit for good.

Selected Team-Ups  
  Deathlok Special: 2-4 (Deathlok #2)
Deathlok (2): 19-21 (Deathlok #2)
Deathlok (3): 1-3, 5, 8-11 (Deathlok #3)
Marvel Two-In-One: 26-27 (Deathlok #1)
Nick Fury:Agent Of SHIELD (2): 32-33 (Deathlok #2)