"You wanna get in your red jammies an' jump off rooftops, that's between you an' your therapist"

Nick Fury on Matt Murdock- Daredevil (1) #298




The Man Without Fear, Matt Murdock, aka the Daredevil, today acts as self-appointed guardian of Hell's Kitchen, the same streets which a generation prior was home to Nick Fury. This small shared detail has often placed both men together in unusual circumstances. HYDRA's involvement with various elements of the NYC underworld, including Murdock's nemesis Kingpin, have brought Fury and Daredevil together on united and sometimes not so united fronts. 

Although not really an ally or even less a friend, Daredevil holds a generous amount of respect for Fury's position and has cooperated with him when necessary. Hydra's activities in New York City and the Kingpin's relationship with the former organization have often put SHIELD and the Man With No Fear on the same battleground. Fury's occasional jaunts back into his old stomping grounds place him under the Daredevil's protection, however the episode involving the Punisher's misdirected vendetta against Fury found the Daredevil too late to prevent Fury's "death".

Daredevil's close relationship with the Black Widow also offers occasions for him and Nick Fury to cross paths and in fact Daredevil played a vital part in Widow and Fury's ploy against the new upstart Black Widow. With two good references in the form of Black Widow and Elektra, its no surprise that following the recent public revelation of Murdock as Daredevil prompted Fury to offer him a chance to disapear and even join SHIELD. Although Murdock declined, it can be counted on that if the cause is just, Daredevil is willing to stand by Nick Fury.

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