Nick Fury, Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D.  #38-39 "The Cold War of Nick Fury"

Writer: Eliot Brown & Bob Sharp
Penciler: Jerry DeCaire
Inker: Don Hudson
Colorist: Kevin Tinsley
Letterer: Micheal Higgins

Fury's first mission for the O.S.S. has him hunting down a rogue Japanese colonel with a cache of bio-weapons. The mission was successful, however only Fury made it out alive and Ishii never saw a war crimes tribunal for his use of POWs as test subjects for the chemicals.

In 1953 Nick Fury returned to Korea sans Howlers as commander of a special mission to cripple the food supplies of North Korea for that year. Landing along Korea Bay, the team headed for the dam at Dyongyang. The team got caught in the explosions and only three of the six-man team survived.

Excellent premise as these issues open with great promise and delivers on the story arc's title with a rare look into Fury's pre-S.H.I.E.L.D / post Howler career. The pair of 50's tales are a solid throwback to the character's war comic roots and writers Bob Sharp and Elliot Brown cook some great stories and solid action. The sparse pencils by Don Hudson and Jerry DeClaire are straightforward and realistic with some great layouts reminiscent to Jackson Guice's earlier work on the book.