Marvel: The Lost Generation #10 (3 of 12)

Co-plotter/penciller: John Byrne
Co-plotter/scripter: Roger Stern
Inker: Al Milgrom
Letterer: Jim Novak
Colorist: Glynis Oliver

Fury is sent to investigate the Carmody Institute where he finds a nascent team of super-powered heroes known as The Front Line. Following an attack on the base, Fury slips out and reports back to Langley regarding their activities.

  • Continuity Notes
  • Rare post WWII story with Fury sans his trademark eye patch
  • This story implies, his mission here helped lead to his being chosen to lead S.H.I.E.L.D
  • Fury makes mention of a prior mission chronicled in issue #9 where he tried to free a hostage in the kingdom of Halwan
  • Cover appearance

Minor Fury appearance in this high-pedigree miniseries, itself an early pioneer of the ret-con that would pervade Marvel in later decades. The art is stellar and one wishes there was more Fury in it, but ultimately it's taking cues from Fantastic Four #21, with a pre-S.H.I.E.L.D. Fury spouting lines like "come on ya chicken-scratching yahoos, this is war". Fury has an even smaller appearance in a previous issue where it looks like he's blown up in a building (is his reappearance here supposed to be a surprise?) leading a covert squad. Aside from the art, there is not much to admire here. Simply for the hardcore Fury completionist. .