Nick Fury T-Shirts

T-Shirts were the first (and easiest) products to tie in with comic book characters and Nick Fury was early on the band wagon with the Sgt Fury & His Howling commandos shirt featured below from an ad in the comic.

For the release of the Scopio Connection, a T-shirt with a variation of the cover image hit the market. A print of Steranko's cover for Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD #4 features on the shirt formerly from www.



Marvel produced a number of these miniature comic books which would fit into plastic bubbles and be among the booty in prize machines. Among them was a Sgt Fury comic that came in 8 different colors.

Nick Fury Pin
The pin is based on the Jim Steranko cover done for the 1983 reprints.

Nick Fury Cup
This cup was part of a large series of Marvel Slurrpy cups sold at 7-11 during the early 80's.  The back of the cup features the following:

Look up ya yahoos
cause this is Nick
Fury yappin at ya.
At one time I was the
Best sergeant World
War Two ever saw and
my Howling Commandos were
known throughout the world.
Now I'm the Head of 
better watch out!