Nick Fury and SHIELD Toys

As with most comic book heroes, Nick Fury got its first start in toys as a doll. In 1966, Ideal Toys released Sgt Fury, the second of two Marvel characters (the first being Captain America) to its Captain Action line.

Captain Action Sgt. Fury ad

In 1995, the first real action figure molded after Nick Fury premiered as part of the top selling Marvel toyline spotlighting Spiderman. Although not known for being a supporting character to Spiderman, Fury was nonetheless featured in the animated series, hence the first genuine Nick Fury action figure in 30 years made its debut.

A 10' inch version was also made; as was standard for most figures of the line, featured as part of the Marvel Universe line.

The 2002 NYC Toy Fair featured the debut of a new 12'' Nick Fury figure from Toy-Biz, this time with a much better likeness and accessories modeled on the MAX: Nick Fury, however no release was forthcoming.

A new Nick Fury figure premiered in 2003 as part of the fifth series of the Marvel Legends line.

This figure was modeled closely on the Steranko designed uniform from the 1960's series and included with it, a reprint of Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD #1 (with the cover of #4). It also included a jetpack stand with molded fire.

A later Marvel Legends two pack featured Fury with a Hand Ninja and Maria Hill with Iron Man

Manufactured by WizKids, HeroClix is a strategy game based in the Marvel Universe played with miniature figures. With detailed sculpting and and a cast of over two dozen Marvel heroes and villains represented, the figures are fun to collect for players and non players alike.

The initial HeroClix game set, "Infinity Challenge"boasts two figures from SHIELD and HYDRA, an agent and a medic. As a prize (a Limited Edition or LE as they are known) they released Gabriel Jones (Agent) and Tia Senyaka (Medic) and two LEs for HYDRA.

For the first expansion "Clobberin' Time" they released a SHIELD Trooper, SHIELD Sniper, and Mandroid Armor. The LE for this set was Clay Quartermain (Trooper). As a Unique (rare, 1 in 6 boxes, hard to find figure) they released Nick Fury. HYDRA gains AIM Agents and AIM Medics because they now use HYDRA to represent "evil organizations".

Subscribers to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited in 2009 were eligible to receive an exclusive Nick Fury figure from Hasbro Marvel Universe series. The figure featured the weapon Fury sported in the Secret Invasion miniseries.

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