Nick Fury SHIELD Badge & Pistol
The Nick Fury Agent of Shield NF300 Needle Gun and Badge, sculpted by Garrett Fasano, was the fourth in a series of life-size Marvel replicas from Factory -X. Using specs from the Marvel Universe Handbooks the replica featured steel finished paint and a Certificate of Authenticity illustrated by longtime Steranko. Only 1,515 pieces were produced.

Nick Fury Figurine

A Brazilian company called SCULPTix produced a series of Marvel figures in a limited series of only 20 numbered pieces for each character. Got the picture and info from ebay.

Nick Fury Marvel Mini-Bust
The Nick Fury bust from Bowen was sold in two different styles, regular and Stealth (pictured). The box featured a write up on Fury and two covers, the Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD Steranko TPB and Nick Fury Vs SHIELD #5.

Sgt. Nick Fury Bust
The Sgt.Nick Fury bust from Bowen fast became a sold out item and stands as one of the rare Sgt Fury items that has been made since the 1960's.